WIPN Q2 Sponsor Newsletter Spotlight

Devyn Duex, C(k)P, AIF, CRPS, CPFA®

Vice President | Financial Advisor, CAPTRUST

Tell us about the value of offering WIPN to women in the retirement industry? There are so many benefits! It’s all encapsulated in the new branding —  WE Inspire. Promote. Network. (WIPN) advances equity and opportunities for all women in the retirement industry.  See our new video.

WIPN helps you meet new people, inspire one another, promote and support your career aspirations. WIPN is diverse, offering you the opportunity to join a local chapter to build a community close to home as well as attend meetings of other chapters across the country and national events. WIPN has been working hard during COVID-19 to bring a virtual series to its members and intends to maintain this platform even when in-person activities resume. Additionally, WIPN offers opportunities of mentorship and focuses on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

How did you learn about WIPN? I have been a part of WIPN for many years and was introduced by a colleague. I’ve  attended many events over the years and have always come away inspired with a few new contacts each time and some nuggets of information to carry with me along the way. It has only been more recently that I’ve raised my hand to be more involved with the leadership side of the organization. My driver for becoming more involved was to further develop my business network but also help to drive change for women in our industry by helping others to connect, grow and soar.

Tell us about a WIPN-inspired success story that influenced your professional career.  A few years back I attended a WIPN event in Chicago. At this point I was at an inflexion in my career with few avenues I could pursue within my firm. A few colleagues were at the event, so I had the comfort of friends but also the opportunity to meet new powerhouse women in the industry and hear a fantastic speaker whose topic was time management and nurturing yourself by way of her own personal story. The event was purely inspirational. I walked away reinvigorated with a more focused sense of purpose and action items I could implement immediately to make a difference. Whether you join for the networking, professional development, or just plain inspiration, WIPN is the professional organization that can provide you all these and more.

What changes do you hope to see for women in the retirement industry in the next 5 -10 years?  I think about the first retirement industry event I went to 18 years ago and there were maybe two other women in the room and now that’s improved tremendously. However, we have got more to go – but the good news is, it’s like a snowball down a hill growing and gaining speed. Progress is happening and I think we are on the precipice of big change. It would be really fantastic to see more young women taking initiative to understand the conversation of money and the power that can be gained by creating financial freedom. Our field is not necessarily a field that is promoted but more so one you happen to stumble across. I’d really like to see it continue to shift into mainstream.

How important is it for you to be a role model for the upcoming generations of women in the retirement industry? This is extremely important for me not only because I am a mother of an 11-year-old young woman, but for the countless women whose voices have been silenced or stifled. For the young women that aren’t taught about finance or money, it is important for them to understand. I just recently watched an excellent documentary called $avvy, a Focus-line features film by Robin Hauser, which highlights why it is important for women to understand and take control of their personal finances.

Women have come a long way, but in some respects we’re going backwards. It was astounding to me that 54 percent of millennials in a relationship allow their partner to make the financial decisions. This is up from 46 percent just a generation before. But in reflecting back, I also shied away from rolling up my sleeves and truly understanding the path to financial freedom, or frankly finances in general. My path to this field was not linear, I came by way of pursuing an MBA, and having a career in the entertainment industry as a SAG-AFTRA artist. At that point in my life I learned that I really enjoyed finance, had an entrepreneurial spirit and always been driven by helping others. Finding a career as a Financial Advisor was a marriage of all these interests, and skills and 18+ years later I am loving what I do each and every day. Thinking back to my daughter brings me fulfilment to know that leading passionately by example (alongside all my other stellar female colleagues) I am, hopefully, helping to pave the road just a little wider for the next generation.

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