Many of our WIPN members are business owners and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how they may be able to meet your needs or those of your organization.       Be sure to mention you found them through WIPN!

If you are a WIPN member and a business owner, let us know so we can feature your firm here!

WinMore Plans

Owner and WIPN Member: Robin Green, AIF
Services Provided: Win/Loss Reviews, Client Satisfaction Studies, Exit Interviews, Advisor Best Practices and Trends workshops and presentations, custom benchmarking research focused on the retirement plan market, providing the plan sponsor perspective for DC Specialist advisors, recordkeepers and DCIOs.


The WinMore Plans team specializes in Institutional DC Retirement Plan Business and Employer Health Plans. Robin M. Green, an experienced corporate executive and business owner, has 30 years of experience speaking, facilitating leadership discussions, and managing research and consulting projects with insurance leaders, financial service providers, and advisors.

Robin Green, AIF

Maximum IMPACT Partners, Inc.

Owner and WiPN Member: Ami Tully Lotka, CFP
Services Provided: Strategy alignment for the sales team; National Accounts team training and development; Creating Leaders and Coaches; TPA Sales Team training; Virtual Selling Skills; Unleashing the Power of the Team


What we do at our firm is help our clients make better connections with their clients in order to achieve better results. Our clients are record keepers, asset management firms, and TPA firms. We help the people in advisor facing roles make better connections with advisors and we help leaders understand how to coach that connection.

Ami Lotka

Ami Tully Lotka, CFP

Princeton Marketing, LLC.

Owner and WiPN Member: Roberta Hess
Services Provided: Growth Strategies for the Financial Services Industry

Princeton Marketing

We help financial firms thrive in today’s connected world. Our passion is to build marketing based on insights, digital-first thinking and inspired creativity. So your organization can have a larger impact on the future by helping your consumers reach their goals. Visit

Roberta Hess

Roberta Hess

Jett Speaks, LLC

Owner and WiPN Member: Medina Jett, JD, MBA
Services Provided: Career Development and Training, Diversity Workshops

Jett Speaks

Jett Speaks, LLC is a career development and diversity empowerment firm that equips People of Color and women with the strategies and tools they need to excel professionally. Through group coaching, workshops and webinars we help prepare the under-represented professionals for the senior management. We also provide Diversity and Inclusion consulting for companies seeking to enhance their diversity policies and practices and create more inclusive and equitable work environments. Using a top down/bottom up approach, Jett Speaks is improving career outcomes for African Americans and women from both ends. Medina Jett, President of Jett Speaks, reached senior executive levels at 3 Fortune 500 companies prior to the age of 40. She is now the founder and president of an award-winning international business in the financial services industry. If you’re feeling stuck in your career or if your company is in need of some diversity re-engineering, Jett Speaks can help.

Medina Jett

Medina Jett, JD, MBA

1920 West

Owner and WiPN Member: ML Wattman
Services Provided: Executive Coaching, Public Speaking, Leading Workshops

1920 West

Mary Lou blends her experience personally leading companies and her credentialed coaching expertise to help leaders inspire and engage. She appreciates the inherent talents leaders bring to their roles and helps them discover and practice new styles, approaches and strategies. She encourages quantifying goals and considering personal circumstances, to maximize behaviors and successes on and off the job. She alternates input, between discovery through powerful questions and suggestions that have worked for her, to allow clients to find strategies that work best for them. Her proprietary tools include a leadership book she co-wrote and a “30 Days of Coaching” workbook. Coaching specialties: senior executives, company ownership, women in leadership roles, delegating, managing up (including boards) and negotiating.

Mary Lou Wattman

ML Wattman

401K Marketing

Owner and WiPN Member: Rebecca Hourihan
Services Provided: Marketing, Communications, Public Speaking

401k marketing

Our clients are the best professional retirement plan advisors, TPAs, and industry partners in the business. They care deeply about saving America’s retirement future. We are proud to share their voices through industry writings, professionally-designed marketing materials (including websites), and expert content collateral. We lend support by promoting businesses through on-going awareness campaigns. We also offer Retirement Plan Marketing, content marketing specifically for retirement plan advisors. This is an easy-to-follow, consistent marketing program designed to get you noticed in your community and generate new retirement plan sales.

Rebecca Hourihan

Cardinal Pension Group

Owner and WiPN Member: Donna B. Cullinan, EA, MSPA
Services Provided: TPA Services including plan design and plan administration. Main focus is qualified plans for small closely held firms.

Cardinal Pension Group

With over 40 years of experience in the retirement field, Cardinal Pension Group, Inc. is committed to working with you and your advisors (Attorney, Accountant, Financial Planner) to make sure that your retirement plan is doing all it can do for you and your employees. We have experts who offer plan support in Design, Installation, Compliance, IRS Submissions , Plan Terminations, 5500 Preparation (Tax Reporting), Participant Loans, Participant Terminations, Annual Review/Audit/Valuations, Pre- Approved Plan Documents.

Donna B. Cullinan, EA, MSPA

Hill Pension Associates

Owner and WiPN Member: Linda M. Clement, APR, APA, QKA, PFC, TGPA
Services Provided: TPA Services including plan design and plan administration

Hills Pension Associates

Passionate about increasing the retirement readiness of business owners and their employees and brightening the opportunity for their financial future. Specializing in small to mid-sized plan administration matters, Linda works closely with plan sponsors to design retirement plans that meet their objectives and to administer them successfully and seamlessly. Employers sponsoring or wishing to sponsor a qualified retirement plan seek her expertise with creating greater tax-efficiency, promoting disciplined savings opportunities and offering a robust benefit to employees. We leave no stone unturned!

Linda Clement

Linda Clement
844-395-401k (844-395-4015)

O’Neil, Cannon, Hollman, DeJong & Laing S.C.

Owner and WiPN Member: Kelly Kuglitsch
Services Provided: Complex IRS and DOL qualified retirement plan corrections and audits, Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Compliance

As the retirement plan service industry has benefited from increasing participation by TPAs, CPAs, investment advisors and others, plan sponsors have many resources around them to handle day to day compliance matters.  Sometimes, however, an issue arises that is less straightforward and calls for the assistance of specialized legal counsel and attorney-client privilege, when applicable. Employing over 17 years of experience practicing exclusively in the employee benefits, ERISA, and compensation arena, Kelly Kuglitsch supports qualified plan sponsors, fiduciaries, plan service providers, and their advisors when complex compliance issues must be untangled and resolved. Kelly is also a nationally-recognized speaker and author on nonqualified deferred compensation plan compliance.

Kelly Kuglitsch