Sacha Conner

We are ALL working virtually. Companies have never been more geographically distributed, with offices, teams, partners and clients spread across the country and globe. Yet, workers and leaders are not equipped with skills to be effective in today’s virtual workplace.

Sacha Conner is a virtual leadership expert and founder of Virtual Work Insider, a consultancy that coaches people and organizations on how to work seamlessly across any distance.

Ria Dark

Our mission is to elevate the emotional intelligence of the populace in a format we call, “edutainment,” by giving folks the tools they need to be able to build bridges within themselves and others. — instead of dams.

Sampling of topics that can be used and tailored to the needs of the client:
Personal Wellness; Family; Dealing with Hardship; Money Management; Communication; Thinking; and Workplace.

Julie Graber

Julie is an engaging speaker on gender equality and leadership. Julie’s organization uses data-driven tools of gender analysis and strategic assessment to measure gender equality. She utilizes the Social Change Model for Women’s Leadership, which allows each woman to personalize their approach to leadership. The model includes steps on Dignity, Authority, Accountability, Courage, Confidence and Purpose. Her popular topics include, “Women: Knowing Your Purpose, Finding Your Power, Reaching the Top.”

Jayne Latz

Through public speaking and presentation skills training, Jayne builds clarity and confidence within your workforce that will have a lasting and positive impact on their careers. Jayne and her team at Corporate Speech Solutions offer presentations as well as private and small group training on topics that will improve the quality of your speech and build confidence in your business communications skills.

Lynette Xanders

Alchemy of Flourishing Workshop – divided into independent modules of philosophy and related exercises (which can be presented independently).
These are designed to help you amplify the good habits and intentions that will lead you to your definition of success (and reduce or remove the resistance that always finds a way to get in the way). Topics covered include:

– Brand You: Designing Your Personal Brand
– Flywheel Goals: Feng Shui-ing Your Life
– Stellar Leadership: Mastering No Drama
– Momentum: Managing Energy, not Time