Vice President

Ivana Polonijo | View Bio
My Courageous Being
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Tina Schackman, CFA, CFP | View Bio
Benefit Financial Services Group
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Board Secretary

Pam Brooks | View Bio
Oswald Financial
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Member Engagement

Lisa Allen | View Bio
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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Lisa Anderson| View Bio
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Debbie Brown


Debbie Brown
Amazon Web Services
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National Events

Stefanie Rzepecki | View Bio
GRP Financial
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Programming and Research

Theresa Conti | View Bio
Sunwest Pensions
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Christina Tunison | View Bio
LPL Financial
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Local Chapters – East

Roberta Hess | View Bio
Princeton Marketing
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Local Chapters – West

Kari Lusby
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
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Kim Ryan | View Bio
My Corporate Ally
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Past President

Jennifer Mulrooney | View Bio
American Century
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Board photos2IMG_8689-Edit (1)

2023 WIPN Board & Staff.  Second row standing: Lisa Anderson, Lisa Allen, Roberta Hess, Stefanie Rzepecki, Lisa Smith, Christina Tunison, Kim Ryan, Mindy O’Connor, Gail D’Amico.  First row seated: Ivana Polonijo, Pam Brooks, Jennifer Mulrooney, Rosalyn Brown, Theresa Conti, Tina Schackman.