WIPNConnect allows you to reach out to other members for any reason – from a quick conversation relating to a specific question to an ongoing dialog. WIPN members have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon. When you have a career question or want to bounce an idea off of someone, WIPNConnect helps address those issues.

Members are encouraged to use the directory to find and reach out to other members for networking or to seek insights. More formal relationships are available through the mentor program when an application is filled out.

Looking for a Mentor?

Are you at a career crossraods or looking to grow and advance professionally and would like to have a confidante to bounce ideas off of? WIPNConnect is for professional women — at any stage in their career — who wish to pursue both short- and long-term goals. WIPN can help you break through challenges and find solutions that work for you.

Become a Mentor

Mentoring can be a rewarding opportunity to help individuals solve problems through listening, counseling and coaching. If you’ve had success in your career, and found creative and effective ways to navigate challenges in the workplace, consider how you can help up and coming women in the industry.

“A lot of people have gone further than they thought because someone else thought they could.”