Member Spotlight

Q2 2022 Sponsor Member Spotlight

Carrie ohm

Carrie Ohm, CPFA

Vice President of Corporate Development, OneDigital | Retirement + Wealth

How did you know that a career in the financial services retirement industry was right for you? Like most, I accidentally fell into the retirement industry but being in the financial planning field was my intent since early in my college career. Money had always been an issue for my family and I was attracted to the idea that I could help others with their financial situation. After graduating with a degree in personal financial planning, I found out that the industry at that time was largely built on gathering assets and managing investments for wealthy families … families with money to invest. After working on the wealth management side for a dozen years, I discovered the retirement industry. This is when I knew I had found my people! Helping wealthier families is important but providing advice to all American workers feels like a true calling to me.

What changes do you hope to see for women in the retirement industry in the next 5 – 10 years? After 20 years in financial services, we haven’t seen the dial move at all in terms of the number of women in our profession, according to the CFP Board. However, I’m regularly encouraged by the increasing number of women in financial planning college programs, the number of women in leadership positions in our industry, and the respect given our women counterparts in their given roles. We still have work to do for women in corporate American but I’m so proud of the impact we’re having through WIPN’s research projects.

How important is it for you to be a role model for the upcoming generations of women in the
retirement industry? Not only do I believe it’s incumbent on every one of us to be a role model for others, but it’s also not as hard as you might think. Showing an interest in others and having pride in your work is the key.

How did you discover WIPN? A colleague brought WIPN to my attention at a wrap-around event at a
retirement plan advisor conference. The speaker was focused on personal development which you don’t
see much of at an industry conference. Right away, I was hooked.

Please share a WIPN-inspired story that influenced your professional career. Like many in our network, I was fortunate to spend some time with former WIPN President, Daniella Moiseyev, at a NYC Chapter event. Daniella made me feel welcomed and from that day forward showed a personal interest in my success. Being in a leadership role with WIPN, I felt honored to be “seen” by someone like Daniella and immediately recognized the power of a women’s network like this one. She inspired me to get involved in a larger way which has brought me more confidence and lots more professional connections.

Any other thoughts you would like to add? I’m a big “why” person. Once you can identify why you found your way into this industry, whether you fell into it or sought it out, people will see the passion in your work. I believe you will be rewarded with greater responsibility and respect which leads to the ultimate satisfaction. What’s your “why”?