Thanks to the women of Chicago for actively contributing to the success of our chapter. If you want to get more involved, please contact one of the Co-Chairs.

WIPN in-person local chapter events are available as State conditions warrant. Webinars will be continuing.

There are no upcoming events.

Recent Events

April 3, 2019 – Chicago Regional Event

We hosted an in person event in downtown Chicago April 3rd, 2019, which was open to all women in our industry.  Jess and I introduced ourselves as new co-chapters, introduced WIPN and what the network stands for and what the benefits of membership are.  We had 6 sponsors, all female wholesalers within the industry and a speaker, Kate Livingston, who presented for an hour on how our brains are wired, how that creates our thinking preferences and how to communicate more effectively with others.  We had ~30 attendees to the presentation, and about 15 of those attendees came to our cocktail hour after the presentation at City Winery.  Overall, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and many of the women voiced interest in becoming involved in WIPN.  We feel it was very successful.

Reconnecting with Dreams and Teams through Horses – 2/22/18

AJ Moran,  who combines 20 years of horse experience with communication and leadership skills from the board room and the classroom, spoke to the Chicago chapter about how horses and humans have worked together for centuries. Horses are transparent and authentic, providing immediate responses to our actions. To better understand our responses to stimuli in the workplace and to quickly adapt to an increasingly complex environment, we explored how the herd conceptualizes the workplace in a new way. Special thanks to our event sponsor, Nuveen.

Chapter Chairs

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