Member Spotlight

May 2019 Member Spotlight

Bridget Q. Casher

Investment Consultant

Conrad Siegel

I first learned about WiPN when… I attended an industry conference breakfast, which was a networking event and a panel of influential women within the retirement industry. This was honestly one of the best opportunities I’ve ever experienced. The panelists arrived early to make time to network with attendees, and the topics discussed were relevant, interesting and added incredible value.

WiPN has had a positive impact on my career because… it has given me the ability to connect with others in the industry who have similar experiences, advanced industry knowledge and are willing to share that information with others. I also appreciate the opportunity to expand my network with those who are willing to make the time.

More women would get involved in the retirement industry if… they were introduced to our industry at a younger age. This year I had the opportunity to volunteer with Junior Achievement of Central PA, in a kindergarten classroom. Explaining my role as an Investment Consultant, and explaining how I partner with plan sponsors to ensure their participants are ready for retirement, proved challenging. This took a lot of thought, time, creativity, and patience, but sharing my love for our industry was a delightful experience and a real highlight for me. I realized we can introduce women and youth to the retirement industry at a young age (yes, even as early as kindergarten!). I’ve found if we make the time, they are eager to learn.

I’d love people to ask me about… Working through college full-time, while earning the highest honors in my business program and making it out DEBT-FREE!

One thing every women should do at least once in their life is… Take an internship, vacation or trip to a country where you do not speak the language fluently. It gives you a whole new appreciation for communication, patience and learning.


Nicole Long

AVP, RPS Event Marketing

Lincoln Financial Group

My current job involves… managing the proprietary and industry event strategy for Lincoln Financial’s retirement plan services business, ensuring we have the appropriate brand presence and provide meaningful experiences to our clients.

I love the retirement industry because… I truly feel that I am contributing to better outcomes for our clients and their participants. When I am thinking about who the end recipient is of my work, it is for people like my parents, family and friends. We are allowing them to live the retirements they dream of.

Other women should join WiPN because… the events, networking opportunities and resources the organization offer are extremely helpful. And you will find something interesting and beneficial to you no matter your career stage.

More women would get involved in the retirement industry if… they could see all of the wonderful career opportunities that exist in many different areas of the industry – marketing, operations, sales, product development. And as organizations like WiPN expand their reach – they will see that women are at the forefront and leading the way for younger generations.

When I’m not working I am… traveling. Last year my time off included trips to London, Paris and Argentina.

Nicole Long

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