Member Spotlight

May 2018 Member Spotlights

Jennifer Murray

Director, Internal Sales, Empower Retirement

My current job involves…leading a team of sales professionals to drive the growth of our large, mega, and not for profit defined contribution business.  This includes communicating our value proposition and helping sponsors, participants, and intermediaries pursue better retirement savings outcomes.

My first job in the retirement industry was…as an Account Manager in Client Service/Operations.  We were breaking new ground in the retirement space with daily valuation, trading and transacting by phone, and real time company stock trading!

I first learned about WiPN when…I was invited to an event hosted by BlackRock where I had the opportunity to hear Anne Ackerley, head of Defined Contribution for BlackRock, reflect on her career in the industry.

I love the retirement industry because...the work is challenging and the topic is important to so many people.  We are the first generation to retire on a DC driven retirement system.  Those before us had the benefit of DB plans. My dad retired at Magic 85 – age 55 and 30 years of service – with a pension, 401(k), and retiree healthcare.  Can you imagine?  Our generation and those after us are tasked with a completely different paradigm.

WiPN has had a positive impact on my career’s already put me in touch with a great community of accomplished women along with the opportunity to help those coming up in the industry.

Other women should join WiPN because…it’s always helpful to connect with professional women in our field.  WiPN provides a ready network.

More women would get involved in the retirement industry if…they understood it and realized how diverse the job opportunities are.

I wish I’d known years ago that …it’s good to take risks.

I’d love people to ask me about …glamping in the Serengeti.

When I’m not working I am…spending time with family, getting outdoors on a bike, hike, beach, or skis, traveling, or enjoying the arts.

One thing every woman should do at least once in their life is…visit a developing country.  It can be a humbling, enlightening, and life-changing experience.

Kim McVicker

Senior Relationship Manager, Principal

My current job involves…managing our corporate to corporate relationships with key distribution partners, with a focus on growing our mutual business.  I act as an advocate for our partners within Principal, seeking win-win solutions that ultimately provide better retirement savings opportunities for plan participants.

I first learned about WiPN when…I believe it was Lisa Kottler (wonderful friend and thought leader in the industry!), who first mentioned.  It was so long ago, I think the membership information was stored on an Excel spreadsheet!

Other women should join WiPN because…As small as our industry sometimes feels, I have made connections with new women at every WiPN event I’ve attended.  This has included putting a face with a name as well as meeting people I’d never crossed paths with before during my many years in the industry.

I wish I’d known years ago that….I have a voice and it’s not as difficult as I thought to use it.  I spent many years as the “quiet one” which I’m sure would come to a shock to my colleagues, they probably would like me to shut up sometimes!

When I’m not working I am….spending time with my family, including my wonderful husband who spends many nights home alone as my job requires quite a bit of travel, reading, gardening and watching football.

One thing every women should do at least once in their life is…I think I’m still waiting to find out the answer(s) to this, I’ll have to keep my eyes out for others’ ideas in upcoming member profiles.

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