Member Spotlight

March 2020 Member Spotlight

Amy Glynn

Managing Partner
GRP Advisor Alliance

I love the retirement industry because … helping people achieve financial security is noble work and it has allowed me to engage and develop in a myriad of ways. My work travels have given me the opportunity to see most of our country, hear amazing stories from hard working people, and make lifelong friends. I have served in corporate, entrepreneurial and volunteer capabilities and I have been able to blend my personal and professional passion in the workplace which is the pursuit of equality and financial wellbeing.

My first job in the retirement industry was … at Smith Barney and involved responding to 401k RFPs because I was English major. My current position at GRP Advisor Alliance still entails responding to RFPs – just too different and cooler stuff. Instead of fees, funds, fiduciary –  it is wellness, student debt solutions, evo shares and finnovation!

How do you see WIPN affecting positive change in your career or industry? WIPN is affecting powerful industry changes by cultivating high-quality leadership, fostering a culture of networking, and driving meaningful conversations. As a former Board member and past-president, I am most proud of the respect, recognition and support we have received from the industry as well as the advocacy from men in our business. In the early years, and as today, it is important for WIPN to strike a strong open-minded and inclusive position in our industry and we do!

Prior to joining WIPN, how difficult or easy was it to find networking/mentoring opportunities in the retirement industry? It was very difficult in the early years – When I first joined Smith Barney in the early 90s there were no female branch managers, no female divisional directors, and less than 15% of advisors were women. WIPN helps women network, find mentors, develop their soft skills and really establish connections that count.

How important is it for you to be a role model for the upcoming generations of women in the retirement industry? It is extremely important for me to be a role model for upcoming generations. I can’t imagine growing up in this Kardashian social media circus and still have a centered sense of self, poise and style.


Sue Misck

Vice President of Retirement Plans and Fiduciary Services
Northeast Professional Planning Group, Inc.

My first job in the retirement industry was … as a Junior Plan AdministratorMy current position job involves educating and advising record-keepers, financial advisors, and CPA partner’s prospects and clients on the benefits of hiring/outsourcing an independent ERISA administrative fiduciary to help mitigate the plan sponsor’s fiduciary risk.  I also help plan sponsors design and implement retirement plans that meet their personal, corporate and participant goals and objectives, as well as annually review the plan sponsor’s retirement program to access if it is continuing to meet their retirement objectives.

I love the retirement industry because … I am able to provide business owners with the opportunity to save tax dollars and give hard working American employees the ability to retire with dignity and a nest egg that they may not otherwise have been able to accumulate without an employer-sponsored retirement plan.

What are the best things about being involved in WIPN?  Being involved with WIPN has allowed me to grow my network of professional women and have some comradery with some of the smartest and bravest pension representatives in the industry.  Listening and learning from many of the women, whom I now call my friends, has helped me to grow my company’s and my presence nationally as a respected industry expert. Being involved in WIPN has changed the course of my career and reenergized my passion for this industry!

I wish that I’d known years ago that … working as a professional in the retirement industry was going to be this fun!

My favorite quote is… It Is What It Is! This statement reminds me to stay in the present, tackle problems head-on and be authentic because the reality of any situation is that it is always temporary and will soon pass.

Sue Misck

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