President’s Message

Message from Jennifer Norr,

WIPN President

As WIPN’s 2021 President, I had intended to write something very different for my first President’s message but it quickly became apparent that I could not ignore the events that transpired at the Capital on January 6th.

An act of sedition, encouraged by former President Trump, resulted in 5 people dying and law enforcement agencies having to reclaim the Capital. Many experts are providing advice and historical context. I do not have the expertise to comment but I do want to share three thoughts.

First, all of us must find and use our voice. Silence is enabling and complicit. Second, we can have different opinions but we must not have different facts. Finally, we are a very divided society that must begin to heal. I hope that WIPN can be a place for healing.

Through WIPN, I met women who think differently, vote differently, and have different experiences than me. WIPN created a safe space for me to ask questions and to learn. I am better because of WIPN and the community we have created. I want WIPN to be a community where we all learn, grow, and most importantly, feel that we belong. Thank you to every member.

I am incredibly honored to be President of WIPN and we have an amazing year ahead of us. Thank you to previous WIPN Presidents and Board members. We stand on the shoulders of those before us. Thank you to the 2021 WIPN Board – read below to find out about their 2021 plans. A few focus areas will be – chapters, content and community.

On January 13th WIPN introduced its proprietary research. I can’t wait to share our learnings and take WIPN to the next level. A special thanks to our research partner Escalent and our research sponsors T. Rowe Price and Resources Investment Advisors – A OneDigital Company. Later this month, the 31 chapter co-chairs will meet. (I remember starting the first chapter and now the chapters are so important that we added another Chapter Board seat as well as regional co-chapter leaders). This summer we will have our first diversity summit. It’s going to be an incredible year!

So, here’s to healing, finding and using your voice, learning, growing, and most importantly, knowing that you belong at WIPN.

Jennifer Norr

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