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Lindsay Warrington, AIF®, TGPC, MBA
Managing Director
John Hancock Investment Management

As a member of the WIPN sponsorship committee — What’s the value of offering WIPN to your female associates? WIPN is a quality networking and professional organization for women at all different levels of their careers in the retirement industry. I always walk away with a new idea or a new contact after participating in regional and national events and webinars. Everyone is welcoming and a perk with virtual events is that you can connect or reconnect with women not in your nearest chapter. There is mentoring available as well Mentoring Circles for members wanting a more formal approach – or during the networking portion at events there is always a wealth of knowledge and insight to collect and you can start a small group from that.

How do you see WIPN affecting positive change in your career or industry? I believe WIPN can be hugely important. We have much work to do with attracting more women in the industry, and beyond. The focus on DE&I has never been greater or more important and I feel women are well-positioned to spearhead the charge. When companies aim to authentically correct biases through diversity training and developing a genuine inclusion strategy, women are more likely to succeed, but firms also boost their business in parallel.

How important is it for you to be a role model for the upcoming generations of women in the retirement plan industry?  This is very important to me. There are many areas in the retirement plan industry for women to thrive, advance and have a fulfilling career. Within John Hancock there is a chapter of a global employee resource group – the Global Women’s Alliance. Over the last three years, the GWA Peer to Peer Networking program has connected both male and female employees on topics such as career development, flexibility & adaptation, confidence & personal brand, and advocacy & relationship building. These connections are so important. I’d urge anyone to participate in or start a networking group if they aren’t already, it’s minimal time invested – something I know we all are short on – when you consider the return on that investment.

Tell us about a WIPN-inspired success story that influenced your professional career.  So many come to mind since I’ve been attending WIPN events for 10+ years! The valuable material and relationships at events always remind me there are many women there to encourage and share ideas and develop people to be more successful. I’m not a very good tennis player but I like the quote by Serena Williams – “Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.”

Prior to joining WIPN — how difficult (or easy) was it to find networking and/or mentoring opportunities in the retirement industry? Prior to being involved with WIPN I wasn’t involved in a retirement industry networking group. Others I participated in didn’t make the concerted effort to evolve and influence the industry as WiPN does, it’s a shared community with a common goal.

How did you learn about WIPN? I attended a WIPN event before an industry conference.

How would you describe WIPN to your peers? WIPN has been instrumental in helping me make connections, some of whom have become friends and others who I can bounce ideas around with. Participating in WIPN events are always a great opportunity to establish new relationships and deepen existing ones with talented women in the industry.

Any other thoughts that you’d like to add? Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind. Always.

Lindsay Warrington

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