Firm Name: Lynette Xanders – Wild Alchemy
Phone: 206-755-6800
Member Endorsement: Ivana Polonijo, Andrea Nitta

Discount available for WIPN members? Yes

Alchemy of Flourishing Workshop – divided into independent modules of philosophy and related exercises (which can be presented independently).
These are designed to help you amplify the good habits and intentions that will lead you to your definition of success (and reduce or remove the resistance that always finds a way to get in the way). Topics covered include:

– Brand You: Designing Your Personal Brand
– Flywheel Goals: Feng Shui-ing Your Life
– Stellar Leadership: Mastering No Drama
– Momentum: Managing Energy, not Time

Lynette Xanders purpose is to help people eschew mediocrity and create something amazings. As CEO of Wild Alchemy, a brand strategy studio, she has worked with brands such as Nike, adidas, Travel OR, Umpqua, Apothic/La Marca (wines) and Virgin and a personal “Muse” for many corporate leaders across the US. She speaks regularly on a variety of topics at events such as the BND DSGN conference, Governor’s Conferences on Tourism and for individual company retreats and training sessions.The full list of services can be found on her website: