Member Spotlight

September 2018 Member Spotlight

Roberta Hess

Senior Vice President, Marketing


My first job in the retirement industry was…customer service intern at The Calvert Group in Bethesda, MD. Speaking directly to clients and resolving their issues is an outstanding way to learn the business and understand the importance of empathy and quick resolution to their needs.

I first learned about WiPN when…I attended the NAPA Nashville event. I loved the organization from the start…great networking with open, helpful women, and excellent speaker…and mimosas.

I love the retirement industry because…every day, I have the opportunity to change someone’s life by helping them save and prepare for their later years.

Other women should join WiPN because…one of the keys to long-term career success is a strong and supportive network, both inside and outside of the company you work for today.

More women would get involved in the retirement industry if….they knew how rewarding this career choice could be both personally and for our society.

I’d love people to ask me about…my journey from corporate to starting my own business and back.

One thing every women should do at least once in their life is…outright ask for the promotion they deserve.

Roberta Hess

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