Member Spotlight

July 2018 Member Spotlight

Michele T. Sarna

Managing Director, Partner

Beacon Pointe Wealth Advisors

My current job involves… educating participants on the importance of contributing to their retirement, evaluating their big financial picture, and helping them with concerns and desires.

My first job in the retirement industry was…in operations processing paperwork.

I love the retirement industry because…I feel I add value to individuals by educating them on all things financial and help them get on track to a successful financial future.

WiPN has had a positive impact on my career because…of the power in women that resonates throughout.

I wish I’d known years ago that….there are so many different opportunities in the retirement industry.

I’d love people to ask me about…budgeting for retirement and they can afford to contribute.

One thing every women should do at least once in their life is… Live alone for a reasonable amount of time.  I know that sound odd, however, I’ve found that many women have gone from living with parents, to roommates, then to spouses, then raising their family.  Later in life, they find themselves living alone and really not knowing how to just be; enjoying their own company and not needing to rely on others to be fulfilled.

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