Member Spotlight

February 2019 Member Spotlight

Eileen Greenspan

SVP, Senior Plan Advisor

Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group

My current job involves… Supporting the fiduciary responsibility and liability of Plan Sponsors.

My first job in the retirement industry was… in Human Resources as a Benefits Assistant. I was responsible for the company’s 401(k) Plan.

I first learned about WiPN when… I received an email about a gathering of other women in positions related to the retirement plan industry around 7 or 8 years ago. I went to the meeting. It was very early in the development of the organization. I met some lovely women. The “good ole boys” weren’t there and it felt right. I’ve been involved ever since.

I love the retirement industry because… I can make a difference. I had a client come to me 25 years with a shoe box of data. He didn’t know what to do with it. He was concerned because his company was always failing non-discrimination testing. Through the years we made many improvements to his plan, as law changes took place, we adopted and adapted. Two years ago, he sent me an email telling me he was retiring. The email contained a seven digit number he had accumulated. He thanked me and told me without my advice and assistance through the years, it never would have happened.

WiPN has had a positive impact on my career because… I have made some very valuable connections among the women in the organization, both personally and professionally.

Other women should join WiPN because… It gives women a chance to make friends with similar objectives and goals. It educates and supports us. You have true professionals who support each other.

When I’m not working I am… a HUGE NY Mets fan! I love going to games with my family. You know spring is coming when Spring Training begins.


Amanda Savini

Relationship Manager, Stable Value Investments

New York Life

My current job involves… Client service for recordkeepers, advisors, and consultants. On a daily basis, I focus on developing relationships, educating on the stable value asset class, strategizing new avenues to drive sales and retain assets, and ensuring that my clients are receiving relevant and timely information. I am also fortunate to support a team of sales directors, ensuring their financial advisors and consultants across the country are receiving top-notch client service. Having a hybrid role also allows me to gain greater perspective from all sides of the retirement industry. An exceptional client experience is my ultimate goal, and I know that our discussions are valuable to their business and participants.

My first job in the retirement industry was… As a proposal specialist. This role afforded me the opportunity to learn about every facet of the retirement business – from conversions to investments, client servicing and more. Another benefit of starting in this position was that I could develop relationships with various colleagues across the company, working closely with them to learn about the business. While in this role, I was offered the opportunity to obtain my Series 6 and 63 licenses, where I discovered that I had a love for investments.

I love the retirement industry because… it is comprised of some of the smartest, most creative individuals I have ever encountered, all working to ensure participants are retiring with dignity.

Other women should join WiPN because… WIPN is an extraordinary group dedicated to engaging, educating, and encouraging women in the financial industry. Every women should join WIPN for not only the networking opportunities, but also for the events and webinars that offer the opportunity to address a number of important issues facing women in this industry. Personally, a number of these events and webinars have inspired me to focus on improving a certain aspect of my professional life or to approach a project or experience in a different manner. These events are a ton of fun too.

When I’m not working I am… Renovating my home, traveling, gardening, and taking my crazy dog for walks. A few years ago, I purchased an early 1800’s home and have been renovating it since. Acting as the contractor, I have renovated two bathrooms, a master closet, and a few other projects. For many of the projects, I have done much of the work myself, including removing walls, painting, etc. There is nothing more invigorating than revamping a space. Now, most of my friends call me for pointers on home renovation projects, as I have tackled a vast majority of them. Currently, I am finishing up a large project and looking forward to quiet time before I start the next one. When not working on my home, I love being in my yard and my fruit and vegetable gardens. This year, I have made approximately 20 jars of pickles. My pickles have been obsessed over since I started my garden.

Amanda Savini

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