A Message from WIPN President Jennifer Norr

As I write this message from Wisconsin, you can tell that fall is coming with shorter days and leaves starting to turn even if it is over 90 degrees. As the seasons change, so am I trying to change. Namely, I am working on asking for help. As an optimist, a hard worker, someone who loves a challenge and believes nothing is impossible, I often end up with a to-do list that is a mile long. It takes strength to admit you cannot do everything and a strategic mindset to pick up your head and realize that just working harder won’t fix it.  So, I encourage you all to ask for help. Before I ask for help, I first say no to as many of those tasks as possible.  I ask myself – what will happen if this waits a week?  Secondly, I make sure I know what’s most important and why (know your “why” folks!) and I make sure I do that first. Then, and only then, do I ask for help.

Through trial and error, I have learned some tried and true tips to follow when asking for help.

  • I take the time to communicate clearly.  How can someone help you if they do not know what you want?
  • I let them decide how to help and how much to help as their help is a gift.
  • I don’t apologize or minimize their help as being a small thing because it’s not small to me!
  • I make it personal and explain why I asked them for their expertise.
  • I make sure to thank them and let them know how they personally helped me. So far, asking for help has allowed me to get farther than I thought possible, and I have learned so much more for others.

So, I encourage you all to ask for help, specifically, from your fellow WIPN members. There is literally more than a battalion’s worth of brilliant and talented women who have your back and are willing to help.  You just need to ask.  Trust me, with WIPN’s help you will go farther than you thought possible.  I know I have. Thank you to all the amazing WIPN members who have already or will help me. I couldn’t do it and more importantly, I know I wouldn’t want to do it without you.  THANK YOU.

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