2019 Brings Even More Opportunities to Connect Virtually

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Last year’s Fearless You! Webinar series attracted nearly 100 WiPN members each quarter. This year, we will be hosting two webinar series — Wellth at Work and EXCELerate – to provide even more opportunities for you to engage in conversations that will enhance your professional development. All webinars, open only to members, will be recorded and available on our website for you to access at any time.

Wellth at Work will address financial compensation as well as the wellbeing of feeling accomplished, recognized and aware of how to navigate your way to new roles or areas of rewarding contribution in the workplace. Topics include:

  • Feedback – giving and receiving meaningful messages
  • Career Path – how your network can lift you to next levels
  • Negotiation – addressing gaps in your compensation and seeking non-financial compensation benefits
  • Running a Business – thriving as the boss

New this year – polling questions!  We want your live reactions and thoughts during the session. Engage to give and get the most for our membership!

The second WiPN webinar series, EXCELerate will be led by Dr. Ben Sorensen of Optimum Associates, an author and executive coach who has provided leadership training, sales training, and coaching to thousands of organizations and executives around the world. Created specifically for WiPN, EXCELerate will equip us with techniques and skills to address challenges and realities as we advance in the retirement industry. Dr. Sorensen has deep experience with financial organizations and has developed specific training programs to help female executives balance their strengths and leadership advantages for maximum impact.

The EXCELerate program will officially kick off with an in-person event on Sunday, April 7th before the NAPA 401(k) Summit. Click here to register now (accessible only to WiPN members).

Whether or not you can attend the launch event, EXCELerate will enable you to build your credentials and network via four additional webinars throughout the year. Complete the work that allows you to analyze and implement for positive change in your workplace behavior. WiPN will provide an end-of-year credential for those who complete the coursework, allowing you to demonstrate your commitment to self-development and career growth in your workplace.


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